About the committee

The Finance Committee assists the Local 002 Treasurer in the performance of his/her duties, including:

  • preparation of the Local’s annual budget; 
  • reviewing auditor reports and making recommendations to ensure the Local is accountable to AUPE and the members;
  • reviewing Local 002 financial policies and making motions to Council if additions or updates are recommended; 
  • scrutinizing, researching options and making recommendations on financial-related issues presented to the committee; 
  • investigating ways to cut costs to ensure member funds are spent wisely. 

Financial Policies

Local 002 Policies - May 2018

  1. Travel and Accommodations 
  2. Time Off and Expenses 
  3. Observers at AUPE Convention 
  4. Policy Regarding Honoraria 
  5. Compensation for Internet Access 
  6. Chapter Financing 
  7. Donations to Members for Union Office
  8. Financial Policies of Local 002  
  9. Gifts, Awards and Presentations  
  10. Local 002 Assets  

Meeting Cost Estimates


The members of the Finance committee for May 2019 to May 2021 are:

  • Lea Schmidt - Chair
  • Marcia O'Connor - Vice Chair
  • Pam Vona - Secretary
  • Tomasz Lachacz
  • Paul Pype
  • Scott Stewart

Contact Finance Committee

Contact the Treasurer for information on the local's finances, expense claims, time off for union business. Email: