Local 002 Bursary


About your application

  1. Applying for this bursary does not guarantee receiving receive it. The number of recipients is determined by eligibility, as well as available funding and demand.
  2. If demand exceeds supply, preference may be given to those who have taken an AUPE course. Information on AUPE courses is available at http://www.aupe.org/my-aupe/benefits/education/
  3. There is no appeal process for this bursary.
  4. Applicants are limited to one application each. If claiming for multiple expenses, please combine them in one application.
  5. The Wellness and Personal Development Committee (WAPD) is not responsible for incomplete or improperly completed applications or if ineligible expenses are claimed. Applicants will be notified if their receipts did not upload correctly.
  6. Receipts must include: name of store/service provider; merchandise/service; price; date. Please do not send bank/credit card statements, receipts only.
  7. Applicants will not learn whether they are receiving a bursary or not until after the application closes on January 31, 2019 and the WAPD Committee has had time to process applications. Recipients may not hear back by email until February 2019 and/or receive a cheque until March 2019.
  8. Names of recipients may be posted on the AUPE Local 002 website.
  9. If demand exceeds our funds then eligible applicants’ names will be drawn at random.

Questions & Answers

Can the bursary be used to buy for another member of the family?
 No. The bursary is intended for the member only.

Can you submit a receipt with another person’s name on it?
 No. The receipt must show that the member made the purchase.

Can I make the purchase in 2019?
 No, the purchase must be made in 2018.

Can the bursary be used for food supplements?

Can I send the gym contract?
 No. Ask your gym to provide a statement of payments for 2018.

Can the bursary be used for physio or massages?
 No. that is covered by Alberta Blue Cross.

Can I submit more than one receipt?
Yes. There are 2 places to upload your receipts.

Do I have to have Intro to the union to apply?
 No. Priority is given to those who have. Not mandatory but encouraged.

Can the bursary cover college/university courses?