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Bargaining Chair Update - September 28, 2017

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About the committee

According to AUPE's constitution, The Negotiating Team (Bargaining Team) shall be elected by and from the members of the bargaining unit who sit on the Local Council.

It has been Local 002 practice to elect five members and three alternate members to a Negotiating Team, and to consider the Local chairperson an ex-officio member. The team is considered to be elected for the duration of a negotiating round, which may or may not coincide with the two-year election term of council members and the Executive.

Bargaining Committee Communication Plan - Jan-2016


Members of the Local 002 bargaining committee for 2015 to 2017 are:

  • Emille Currie - Chair
  • Coral Grove
  • June Ji
  • Jay Kaytar
  • Andrea Waywanko - Vice-Chair
  • Alternates: Edana Mayes, Laurie Quinton, Susan Cowtan

Chair Job Description - Sep-2015

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Contact Bargaining Committee for information on bargaining (contract negotiations).
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Some highlights:

  • $1850 lump-sum payment to eligible employees
  • On-the-grid salary increases of 6.75% over the next three years (prorated for for part-time salaried and wage employees)
  • Overtime for Subsidiary Agreements #2 to match provisions in the other Subsidiary Agreements
  • Christmas Closure – additional days off due to closure of government offices and non-essential operations when Christmas falls on: Sunday or Monday – 2 days or Tuesday to Saturday – 3 days
  • Improvements to the accrual rates for annual vacation